Why India

India’s diversity is a result of its heterogeneous demography. India has seven major religions .The four major religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are originated and now are being flourishing in Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, China. It is hardly to believe that the roots of Buddhism do exist in India can be seen even in the remote localities which are difficult to approach such as Leh, Tabo Tawang Rumtek Monastery etc but it is true.

India has the one of the highest Muslim population in the world ( Ranked third ), it is here the British remain stick to India , for more than 200 years. Portuguese influence can be seen in Goa, one of the major destination for beach holiday’s in India. There is a small but recognizable community of French people in Pondicherry one of Union Territory of India .The Dutch influence can be seen in the Malabar the spices coast of India located in Kerala better known for backwater tourism.

The influence of these visitors to India can be seen in the monuments of India as well as in the Culture & cuisine The student from abroad can pursue cultural studies, make independent research with Indian universities.The dynasties that ruled , the rise & fall Buddhism, Jainism the British influence, the French connection in India is itself a matter of study.

There are very few nations in the world with the enormous variety that India has to offer .From the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas to flat dusty plains, from blissful backwaters in Southern India to wide sea coasts in the East and West, from the fertile plains in Northern India to the arid desert in Rajasthan .


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