Tourism Exchange with United Kingdom

Spain attracts tourists from all over the world. The country’s contribution to global tourism market is around 3.9% and the tourism industry contributes 6.9% to the country’s GDP.The major tour packages that the Travel agent can sell can be seen if you link to Our website.

The networking events and the business tie-ups, are the major tools that can promote tourism Exchange . The major destination for selected for tourism Exchange are

  • Natural Parks – The country is rich in natural resources and has number of national parks which are popular destinations for nature lovers.
  • World Heritage Cities –The country has a long history dating back to pre-roman era and there are a number of heritage cities which are popular destinations.
  • Great City Destinations – The cities of Barcelona and Madrid offer the international travellers the best of leisure options and cosmopolitan experience and are popular destinations.
  • Coasts – Spain has a long coastline and has a number of beaches which are popular with international tourists.
  • Autonomous Regions – The country has number of autonomous regions which have their own distinct culture and ethic identity and are popular destinations.


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