Tourism Exchange with Malaysia

The tourism industry in Malaysia is a very large sector of the economy. The country’s contribution to global tourism market is around 0.5% and the tourism sector contributes around 4.6% to the country’s GDP.

As per the statically data, collected & compile by Bureau of Immigration, in year 2011, the foreign tourist arrival are 2.08 lack & the total share is 3.30% & was ranked 8th in its contribution to add the foreign tourist .The major tour packages that the Travel agent can sell can be seen if you link to Our website.

The major destinations for selected for tourism Exchange are

  •  Kuala Lumpur – It is the capital city of the country and the prime attraction for visitors. The city has state of art infrastructural facilities and cosmopolitan culture making it an attractive destination internationally.
  • Melaka – The historical attractions of Melaka make it a popular destination.
  • Langkawi Islands – The natural beauty of the islands make it a popular destination.


! Australia ! Canada ! China ! France ! Malaysia ! Singapore ! Thailand ! United Kingdom ! United states !


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