Terms and Conditions for stall booking


  • Exhibition space/ Stall are available on first come first serve basis .
  • Each built up stall is having 4 Square meters, there after in a multiple of 4 Square meter. This modular stall is with side and rear wall, fascia for the organisation name, floor carpeting, 01, information table, 2 folding chair 3 spot light 15A/ Power socket & a waste paper basket.
  • Basic facilities such as Round the clock security arrangement for the exhibitor and visitors , Fire safety measure, Bulletin Board , Drinking water , Tea /Coffee Business discussion area VIP lounge meeting room Air Conditions hanger etc.


The exhibition timings shall be from 11:00 am to 8:00 p.m.


  • Exhibitors availing additional lighting (over and above normally provided) and power connections for demonstration, are to pay extra charges for the connected load .The charges are payable to the Organizers along with complete booking amount.


  • The Exhibitors are required to take prior approval for any intended modification to the given stall structure.
  • Exhibitors are required to comply with instruction on the subject issued by Organizers regarding schedule for setting up and dismantling stalls. Failure to comply with the instructions will attract penal rental.
  • Fascia name and stall number will allocate the stall space to the exhibitor, and no sub-letting will be allowed in any manner.
  • Signage, display material and leaflet distribution will be permitted only inside the allocated booth area and not at any other place inside or outside the venue.


  • Normal height of stand shall be 2.50 Mts. If Exhibitors are particular of height more than 2.50 Mts. written permission of Organizers may be obtained after submitting appropriate plans.


  • To reject any application for space without assigning any reason.
  • To amend the terms and conditions of participation and issue additional Rules and Regulations for the exhibitors from time to time which shall be binding on the exhibitors.
  • To recover from the Exhibitors, compensation for losses / damages caused to the property or reasonable penalty for any willful contravention of these conditions of participation.
  • To postpone, change venue, place and city, curtail, extend or abandon the exhibition or close some or all sections of it temporarily or permanently if unforeseen circumstances so require. In such circumstances, the Exhibitors shall not be entitled to withdraw from the contract or to claim any compensation or damage.
  • To take photographs or video film of the interiors of any stall and to use the same for promotional work.
  • To refuse permission to any exhibitor to clear his stall if he has not discharged all dues to the Organizers or to retain the exhibits or other goods as collateral security till dues are paid.


  • Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss whatsoever incurred by Exhibitors and they should obtain insurance coverage for their exhibits from warehouse to warehouse against all risks and for the periods covering preparation, setting up, currency and dismantling & return transit.


  • The Exhibitors will be liable to pay unlimited compensation for any bodily harm to persons {Staff /Agents /Organizers and other Exhibitors} and damage to property of The Ashok Hotel, Organizers and other Exhibitors caused by himself or his agents during transportation, installation, fair duration and dismantling periods.
  • The Exhibitors shall indemnify the Organizers for any loss, damage either direct or indirect or consequent whatsoever that may be caused on account of acts or omissions of the Exhibitors. The Exhibitors will be given exit permits after the closure of the Exhibition only on clearing all dues.


  • If the Organizers reject an application and do not allow space, payment made by the prospective Exhibitor shall be refunded.
  • If the Exhibitor cancels participation , the Organizers shall utilize the space/stand in any manner they deem fit, forfeiting all money paid by the party and the Organizers shall be entitled to recover the amount due.


  • Under the condition of the force majeure which also include natural disaster, strike, lock out, closure, riots, war, etc. the Organizers reserve the right to alter the opening dates and duration or even cancel the entire exhibition. In case of change in dates and duration of this seminar ‘obligation between the Exhibitors and the Organizers remain unaffected. In case of cancellation of the exhibition the stall rental will be refunded to the Exhibitors after deducting the proportionate costs already incurred by the Organizers.


  • Disputes, if any, arising in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled by a Sole Arbitrator, to be appointed by the Organizers, under the provisions of Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The place of the arbitration shall be New Delhi .


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