Study in New Zealand

If your course is less than 12 weeks long, you’ll need only a visitor visa to come to New Zealand. However, if you plan to study for more than 12 weeks you’ll need to apply for a student visa by post or at your nearest Immigration New Zealand Office.

Visa Name

Study Visa/Permit

Visa Cost


Financial Requirements (Single Undergraduate Student)

With Guarantor

Applicants complete a form – Financial Undertaking for a Student (INZ 1014) and send it with their application form.

Without Guarantor

For stays of less than 36 weeks, applicants need to provide evidence of funds of NZ$1000 for each month of study.

For stays of 36 weeks or more, applicants need to provide evidence of NZ$10,000 for each year of study, around NZ$30,000 for a three-year degree.

Cost calculated on $10,000 per annum for three years:NZ$30,000 (A$22,915)

Evidence of  Funds

Acceptable evidence of funds includes photocopies of: travellers’ cheques; bank drafts; letters of credit; and bank statements in the applicant’s name, going back at least three months.

Processing Times

Upon receipt of visa, NZ immigration will either provide a decision, or tell applicant within 14 days, how long the processing time is predicted to be

Work Allowances

Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the academic year. They can work unlimited hours at the end of the academic year during the Christmas and New Year break.

Post-Study Work and Residency

At the completion of their studies, overseas students in New Zealand can apply for temporary work visa

Graduate Job Search Policy

Under this policy, students can apply for a 12 month temporary work visa after they finish their qualification to work in unrelated areas while they seek employment in occupations directly related to their qualification. Students must apply for this visa within three months of the end date of their student visa and be able to demonstrate financial resources equal to NZ$2,100.

Study to Work Policy

This visa is valid for either two years, to enable students to obtain practical experience relating to and suitable for, their New Zealand qualification, or three years if they are working to obtain professional recognition from a New Zealand professional association.

Students need to apply for a visa under this program no later than three months after the end date of their study permit. They must be able to demonstrate evidence of an offer of employment in an area of expertise related to a three-year qualification.

About admission, deadlines, campus life, and program choices, meet directly with the representatives from these Universities / Institutions at the International Exhibitions & Seminars on tourism Exchange in education.

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