Souvenir from India

India is a large country and each area has got its unique specialty to offer. Unique and beautiful handicraft gift are the souvenir that can be treasured for generations. Whatever your taste – restrained or exuberant, antique or modern, plain or patterned -India’s bazaars, shops, stalls, markets and emporia will tempt as you have never been tempted before.

We have also compiled & collected the list of Manufacturer / Exporter Importer & invited some of them to display their products to whom you can invite for B2B meet.This database is available for FREE to the participant to this International Exhibition & Seminar on Tourism Exchange .The handicrafts that you can consider to generates sales, create business opportunities .

 Specialty to Offer   Major places of concentration
 Art metal wares   Moradabad , Aligarh , Jodhpur , Jaipur, Thanjavur, Chennai, Beedar Jaiselmer
 Wooden art-wares  Saharanpur , Jaipur, Jodhpur , Hoshiarpur, Amritsar , Ahmedabad, and Rajkot
 Hand printed textiles  Jaipur, Jodhpur , Bhuj ( Gujarat ),Farrrukhabad
 Embroidered goods  Barmer, Jodhpur , Jaipur, Jaisalmer,Kutch, Lucknow , Agra , Amritsar , etc.
 Marble & soft stone crafts   Agra , Chennai, Baster and Jodhpur
 Papier Mache crafts  Kashmir , Jaipur
 Terracotta  Rajasthan, Chennai, Baster, Surat , Bareilly , and Varanasi
 Zari & zari goods   Varanasi , Amritsar , Agra , Jaipur and Barmer
 Artistic lather goods  Kolhapur , Indore , Barmer, Shanti Niketan ( West Bengal )
 Imitation jewellery   Delhi , Moradabad , Jaipur, Kolhapur , Indore and Barmer






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