Souvenir from India

India is a large country and each area has got its unique speciality to offer. Unique and beautiful handicraft gift are the souvenir that can be treasured for generations. Whatever your taste – restrained or exuberant, antique or modern, plain or patterned -India’s bazaars, shops, stalls, markets and emporia will tempt as you have never been tempted before.

The modular stall be available to display

The handicrafts that you can consider to generate sales create business opportunities and to study the feasibility of Import from India.We have also compiled & collected the list of Manufacturer / Exporter Importer to whom you can invite for B2B meet.This database is available for FREE to the participant to this International Exhibition & Seminar on Tourism Exchange you may register now.

We can’t bring every thing under one roof, limited numbers of modular stall of sizes 4.00 Sq / 9.00 Sq meters are available on first come first serve basis that you can book on line.





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