We are looking for dynamic, engaging and inspiring speakers and topics to address the global audience at the International Exhibition & Conference on Tourism Exchange.

  • Are you a natural public speaker with expertise on a relevant topic ?
  • Do you have an issue that will educate our attendees on a vital topic relating to their business ?
  • Do you have a powerful message or subject which will engage our global audience ?
  • If the answer is yes to the above questions then we want to hear from you!

Submit the registration form along with with the article or Information by clicking here and you could become one of our Conference speakers. You may register now & submit the article & information before 15 July 2017

 Download the speaker registration form  Download


Step One: Select Your Topic from the scope of the Conference

Step Two: Submit Your Topic

We are actively searching for inspirational presentations. Could your proposal be everything we are looking for? Please submit the Articles, & Information. The submission to this Conference is voluntary. The submitted paper shall be reviewed by a review committee for acceptance

Guidelines to Authors / Contributors for Submission the Article & Information

  1.  Manuscripts should be accompanied by soft and hard copy in Microsoft Word format The soft copy can be uploaded using the form given below .
  2. Manuscript of the article/research paper should be clearly typed in double space on one side of each page & each page should be signed by the author .Single copy is to be submitted as per the address given below
  3. Article forwarded to the Editor for publication is understood to be offered to Arion exclusively for Publishing in the Special edition
  4. It is also understood that the authors have obtained a prior approval of their Department, Faculty or Institute in case where such approval is a necessary.
  5. Acceptance of a manuscript for publication in shall automatically mean transfer of copyright to Arion .
  6. The Editorial Board takes no responsibility for the fact or the opinion expressed in the Journal, which rests entirely with the author(s) thereof.
  7. The deadline for submission the manuscripts is 15th July 2017.
  8. The Manuscript should be in English only.
  9. Manuscripts are to be arranged in the following order:-
  • Title of the article
  • Name of the authors, full address and e-mail   .In case of multiple authors an asterisk (*) mark should be made with the authors name with whom correspondence is to be made
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Actual text
  • Conclusion
  • Each table should be typed on a separate page
  • Graphs and other line drawings should be very sharp & clear. Photographs, ifany, to be submitted with caption in PDF or Corel Draw format at 300 dpi or  higher resolution
  • References should be given in brackets in the text (XYZ et al., 2011)
  • References at the end of the paper should be given in the alphabetical order of authors names

Step Three Final Selection

Speakers will be selected according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Topic: Is the proposed topic & the article & Information submitted should be relevant to the Conference.
  • Originality: Is the proposed topic & the article & Information submitted are unique and interesting?
  • Lessons Learned: Does the proposed presentation include practical ideas, useful examples and Insightful lessons?
  • Interest Value to Audience: Will this presentation encourage active dialogue with the audience?
  • Speaker(s): Is the proposed speaker knowledgeable and experienced in the relevant field?

Key dates

Speaker applications Now Open – deadline for submissions 15th August 2017

  • 16th  – 15th September 2017 — speaker ( submission ) reviewed
  • Lastweek of September 2017 — speakers announced

How to submit the Paper for the Conference 

Step Four Awards & Remuneration

These article & information is to be evaluated for the Special Edition to be published in the special issue to be published only for the International Exhibitions & Conference On Tourism Exchange as well as for the selection of speaker for the Seminar as per the evaluation criteria, given above.

For every article & information published in this special edition the author shall be paid INR 20,000 /500 USD as remuneration.

To consider you as an eminent speaker please support your application along with the video presentation .The eminent speaker shall be paid INR 100,000 / 1500 USD as remuneration after the performance at the International Exhibition & Conference .It is also proposed to honour the participant with the award for the best presentation with a cash price of  INR Five lack /10,000 ( USD ).


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