Market Study

Building a well-rounded academic experience and getting involved outside of the classroom is one of the most important things you can do as a student.This is a great opportunity to hone your leadership skills, create lasting friendships, connect with faculty, and explore career interests.This Conference promises to be even better in providing, academic fulfilment .

We have arranged the Market study for the students /market researcher.Depending upon the background and interest, they  may participate in any of the programs listed below.

These student /Independent Market research shall be accommodated in Host Institution/ Bed & Breakfast accommodation / hotels etc depending upon their choice & eligibility .The pairing of the overseas student shall be done with the student of Indian Institutes , opted to host these market studies .

The goal of this program is not only to study the market potential but also to introduce about the opportunities for them in India.

These students while studying, how globalisation is changing the face of Tourism Industry will also study the feasibility of Student Exchange programme with India.


The scope for the students for market studies are

  • Market Study on Tourism Exchange on various themes,the potential market for tourism Exchange ,Market trend , Market behaviour,Seasonality, seasonal variation of  foreign tourist arrival to India,Best time for the trips & to leave for holiday out side India ,Best selling destination,Collaborate with strategic partners,SWOT Analysis.
  • Market Study on Feasibility of Student Exchange/Institution ties up with Institute /University Abroad
  • How do the Institution Expand study Abroad opportunities in India
  • An Overview of Indian Hotel & Hospitality Industry & Scope of Investment
  • Market Potential & Scope of Camping & Trekking Holidays/ Eco Tourism, in India
  • Major destination for Medical tourism in India &  scope of Investment
  • Market Study on Wine Tourism & Investment opportunities in Wine & Beverages
  • Market Study on import & Export of Souvenir / Handicrafts from India.
  • Study the feasibility of Import & Export from various Industrial cluster-towns in India

The following are the outcomes 

  • Develop leadership skill, self confidence & greater understanding
  • Support personal growth, lead to deeper understanding about foreign cultures
  • In depth knowledge of the market & recent market development
  • Explore & develop new Business opportunities
  • Prepare marketing plan, deciding market entry strategies & action plan
  • Understanding the working environment of International working organization
  • Identify your partners & build network
  • Establish your identity & help you to shape your idea in to reality &
  • above all improve the International relations .

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