Hosting Opportunities

As you know ”Study Abroad” is a part curriculum in United States and Europe .We are identifying the Institutions interested in International education exchange activities and would like to partner with us to promote these education exchanges.

There are 32 numbers of countries that has been identified as potential market for tourism exchange. We take this opportunity to invite you and encourage the the student from your faculty  to participate in the Market studies on the various themes .

The goal of this program is not only to study the tourism potential but also  to introduce the overseas students to the education system in India. So it is suggested that this study may be conducted jointly with the overseas located in any of the countries identified as potential   market for Tourism Exchange . It is proposed that there should 12  members in each team  ( 6 students from the host institution + 6 Overseas students ) to conduct these market studies.

The following are the benefits to our students.

  • Support personal growth, lead to a deeper understanding about foreign cultures
  • Develop leadership skills, self-confidence and a greater understanding
  • In depth Knowledge of the market and recent market developments
  • Explore & discover new Business opportunities,
  • Identify partners & built network
  • Prepare marketing plans, deciding market entry strategies, & action plans
  • Establish identity & to shape idea in to a reality
  •  Understanding the Working environment of International Business organisations.
  • & above all improve international relationships

You may host any /all of these studies in your Institutes.You may introduce any other programs depending upon the requirement of the partners Institutions/Universities abroad.

joy-india We are inviting students as well as the faculty members from more than 2500 Universities / Institutions world wide to participate in the market studies.These students while studying, how globalisation is changing the face of Tourism Industry will also study the feasibility of Student Exchange programme .

If Interested to host any of these market studies in your Institution /Universities than please completer the registration  form given below and send the same as detailed in the form .Yet an other way to promote “Tourism Exchange”.

Helping Hints to submit the hosting proposal  Download

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