Immigration & Customs


There are separate immigration desks for Indian citizens and citizens of other countries. The formalities are simple and quick. Please have your completed immigration document (the Airline staff will distribute it during your flight to India), passport, visa, and other related documents. The stamped portion of the immigration document should be retained to complete the formalities on departure from India.


The Indian Customs have a Red Channel for visitors carrying dutiable goods and a walk-through Green Channel for those who have nothing to declare. Please walk through the green channel unless you have something specific to declare and pay duty for. Your baggage may be scanned on exit. The Customs declaration is a part of the immigration document. This portion of the document should be produced to the Customs officer.

The following may be imported into India by passengers over 17 years of age without incurring customs duty:  

  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
  • 1 bottle of an alcoholic beverage
  • goods for personal use or gifts.

We suggest that you voluntarily ask for endorsement for all expensive electronic equipment (video camera, laptop, etc) in your possession to avoid any Customs related problems on departure from India . Narcotics, plants and gold and silver bullion are prohibited.

fig_                                                         For detailed baggage rules, please check here.

Airport Exit

The Customs area will lead you to the airport exit. Authorized money-changers, domestic airline representatives, hotel counters, and cab agencies are located in the exit lobby. Follow the signage and reenter the appropriate airport domestic departure terminal for connecting flights. If you are expecting someone to meet you on arrival, look for the one with a placard bearing your name and waiting at the exit. Cabs and inter-terminal shuttles are available outside the exit. You may want to avoid unauthorized agents – they may be

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