Tourism Exchange on destination  

The major destination for the tourism exchange , the travel agent & the tour operators , do have the opportunities to show case their product & service they offer , Establish & Build Contact, Identify partner, Creating local presence, appoint Franchise /agents, or enter in to Joint ventures , Business Tie ups, Sell and sign new deals.& much more

Opportunities for students/ Upcoming entrepreneur 

Market study & Analysis , Potential Market for Tourism Exchange,Market trend , Market behaviors, Seasonality, Study in the seasonal variation of  foreign tourist arrival to India, Best time for the trips & to leave for holiday out side India , Best selling destination, Collaborate with strategic partners, SWOT Analysis etc.

Tourism Exchange in Education 

It’s an excellent opportunity for the Educational Agencies, Immigration counselors, Immigration & Visa Experts and agents, to connect directly with  students, parents and local teachers to showcase the quality of what they offer in terms of courses, faculty, facilities, extra-curricular activities and campus recruitment.

Opportunities for students/ Upcoming entrepreneur 

For Indian Students to check out the options available for undergraduate and graduate programs at universities throughout  Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom &  United States.

  • The study will include how do the Institution Expand study  abroad opportunities in India?
  • Which programs can help get them there?”

Overseas student study the feasibility of Student Exchange programme in India along with us while studying, how globalization is changing the face of Tourism Industry.

Heritage Tourism 

India’s diversity is a result of its heterogeneous demography. The British remain stick to India , for more than 200 years. Portuguese influence can be seen in Goa, one of the major destination for beach holiday’s in India.

There is a small but recognizable community of French people in Pondicherry one of Union Territory of India .The Dutch influence can be seen in the Malabar  the spices coast of India located in Kerala better known for backwater tourism.

The influence of these visitors to India can be seen in the monuments of India as well as in the Culture & cuisine. This  diversity, in Indian culture and the prevalence of English, makes India an ideal destination for the students to Study in India .

Medical Tourism in India 

India’s private health care system is booming . Some of the factors  behind the tourists inflow in India are no waiting periods for surgeries, the availability of latest medical technologies and a growing compliance on international quality standards, big pool of US & UK returned doctors & surgeons & above all it is economical.

You would be surprise to know the cost difference, it is as low as 10 to 16 times as compared to western countries like USA, UK, Canada and other European nations.

The aim of this parallel session is to spread the awareness about the health care destination as  India & to workout the strategy for attracting more foreign patients to India .

Opportunities for students/ Upcoming entrepreneur 

Health care unit located in India do have the opportunities to showcase what they have to offer for the International patients, appoint Medical Tourism Facilitators in India and abroad.

Religious Tourism Exchange 

Religious tourism has long been a fundamental characteristic of India’s domestic travel industry as India is a        confluence of different religions, has always attracted pilgrims from all over the world. Four of the world’s major religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism- originated here.

It is hardly to believe that the roots of Buddhism do exist in India can be seen even in the remote localities which are even difficult to approach such as Leh, Tabo Tawang Rumtek Monastery etc but it is true, now are being flourishing in Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, China. 

Business Travel in India  

India is a large country and each area has got its unique specialty to offer. Unique and beautiful handicraft gift are the souvenir that can be treasured for generations. The handicrafts that you can consider to  generates sales, create business opportunities and  to study the feasibility of Import from India,

We have also compiled & collected the list of Manufacturer / Exporter Importer .This database is available for FREE to the participant to this International Exhibition & Seminar on Tourism Exchange.

You can invite them for B2B meet. We will be providing the Conference table for your company to Establish & Build the Contacts and share prospective.

The Overseas student study the feasibility of Import & Export from the various Industrial cluster-towns in India such as

  • Ludhiana (woollen knitwear)
  • Panipat (woollen blankets) and
  • Tirupur (hosiery), etc





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