Helping hint to submit the hosting proposal

Discuss the proposal with the Head of the Department , & Seek their approval to proceed. Consult with the Office of International Programs Director to discuss the proposal and clarify the procedures and expectations for a study abroad proposal.

Ask for the Format for the Study abroad Proposal if any .Normally following should be included while submitting a proposal for hosting .

1. Describe the nature and purpose of the program.
2. Eligibility requirements, number of contact hours, course title (s) and number (s).
3. Projected number of Faculty leaders and student participants.
4. Program budget, including cost to each student.
6. Travel and accommodation arrangements
7. Information on host institutions, service providers, etc.
8. Travel itinerary
9 Security arrangements and concerns.

Develop a draft proposal. Have draft reviewed by Department head (s) and the Office of International Programs Director. Make revisions as necessary. The following persons should be consulted before submitting the Final Proposal for hosting

  • Heads of departments in which courses are to be offered.
  • Director of the Office of International Programs
  • The Office of the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs

Submit the final proposal, along with letter from the administration that indicate that the institute is committed to host this Study in their college / Institute. Discuss the detail of Information provided , & ask if they need any clarifications on any point “?

Plan to submit the Proposal for Hosting, well in advance .The other issue such as the limitation & liability of the Host Institute & role & responsibility of Programme leader must be made clear. Ask for a copy of agreement if they do have any.

Proposal Submission Requirements

Proposals must include a cover letter summarising your proposal. Your Institution may send the hosting proposal to as many Institute , but please don’t forgot to send proposal to which the matching of your Institute has been made . Each University / Institute is provided with Unique Identification Number, this number is used to identify the Institute , & shall be used for further correspondences.

If you are willing to Host this study in your institute , submit your willingness so that we may send you the Name of your Institute to which you may submit the Proposal for Hosting this study in your Institute

Proposal submitted via electronic mail (Email ) must be followed by Hard Copy . Ensure this may not in the Spam box & have been delivered .The proposal submitted by electronic mail E-mail should be sent in in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point or Portable Document Format (PDF).

Information to be provided in Proposal

The detail Information required to be submitted , is given in annexure – A,

This information is for the purpose of guidance only, as the norms & procedure for conducting these study may varies from institute to Institute. Additional information not covered may be attached as necessary.

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