General Information


Currency regulation in India require, all foreign nationals and non-resident Indians to pay for their hotel and travel expenses in Foreign Currency Cash, travellers cheques or major credit cards, such as Master, Visa which are accepted at most places. It is recommended that delegates purchase some Indian Rupees after check-in at their hotel.

fig_  Currency Converter

Time Zone 

The time zone in India is Greenwich Mean Time +5.5 hours. It’s referred to as Indian Standard Time (IST). In general, this makes the time in India 12.5 hours ahead of the west coast of the USA (Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego), 9.5 hours ahead of the east coast of the USA (New York, Florida), 5.5 hours ahead of the UK, and 4.5 hours behind Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane).

 World Time


October is the autumn month in India .The last weak is the beginning of winter season. Temperature during this month is generally around 10° to 15° C at night and maximum about 20° to 25° C during the day.


At the time of the conference, the weather in Delhi will be cold. It is advisable to carry woollens

Electric Supply 

The standard electric supply in India is 220 volts A.C., 50 cycles, single phase for all domestic lighting. Most hotels also provide 110 volts electric point for use of electric shavers, hair dryers etc. If you are carrying a laptop/portable computer or other 110 volts equipment, it is advisable to check for bringing an adopter with it. You may check with us for any specific query in this regard.


English is commonly used in all business transactions. However, the main spoken language is Hindi. Official language of the Seminar will be English.

Emergency Contact Number

If you’re in an emergency situation in India , you’ll need to know how to contact the police, an ambulance, or even the fire department. Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but it’s worth knowing the number just in case.

  • Police 100
  • Fire 101
  • Ambulance 102

Indian AirlinesGeneral enquiry 1400
Reservation and booking enquiry 1401
Flight arrival information 1402
Flight departure information 1403

Domestic 25696535, 25665121
International 25652011/21/50
Private Airlines 25675126




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